PRO/// Motion™

Company founder Charlie Waters has been a devoted student of the game of football since his quarterbacking days at Clemson University and his All-Pro career as a Dallas Cowboy. Today, he has partnered with VR pioneers BIGLOOK360 ( to create the PRO41VR training system, a tool that represents a quantum leap in coaching. PRO41VR uses multiple camera angles and virtual reality technology to help players read and react faster anytime, anywhere.

Why PRO41VR ?

  • Players can access plays anywhere, anytime – the preparation never stops
  • Players experience action from multiple in-sync vantage points
  • Players can review specific plays to study and repeat
  • Multiple reps allow players to build confidence without wasting practice time

Improves player’s read and reaction time

Eliminates risk of injury

Boosts retention by reinforcing visual & spatial awareness


Why PRO41VR is the best option

  • Ultra High Definition in 3D
  • Portable VR Headsets feature multiple in-sync points of view and wireless access (No need to be tethered to a computer)
  • Wide-angle perspective creates full 11-player live action
  • Huge content library of plays is accessible anywhere, anytime
  • User-friendly VR Headsets control POV selection, freeze frame, slow motion, rewind, etc.
  • Digital audio including an advance callout of the play
  • Flexibility to use content created by PRO///Motion or your own staff using our tools
  • Optional Coaching VR Teaching System TM
  • Fully customizable